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Giant Recon+ 900 Headlight


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The Giant Recon HL900 increase the SpeedBeam technology, which adjusts light beam output based on riding speed; also features a light sensor to monitor ambient light source to change the light output; these features help save battery power for when you need it. Brighter, longer, and smarter.


  • SpeedBeam feature adjusts light output based on riding speed
  • Smart Mode light sensor monitors ambient light to adjust light output day or night
  • Pair with Garmin series computers and see the battery information and light mode on the computer screen
  • Lumens and runtime are ANSI-Standard certified
  • Focused optics with sidelight design for over 270-degrees of visibility
  • Heat-dissipating CNC-machined aluminum structure
  • Power status indicator alerts remaining run-time before powering off

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