2022 - FOX 38 Factory 27.5" 170mm F-S Grip 2 Shiny Orange front view

2022 FOX Float 38 Factory Fork - 27.5", 170mm


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Driven by the needs of the world's hardest-hitting enduro athletes, the Fox 38 Float Factory boasts the stiffest chassis and smoothest travel we've ever experienced in a 170-180mm fork. Offered in 160 - 180mm travel options, the 38 Float replaces the 36 as Fox's flagship enduro fork, with the 36 being relegated to aggressive trail bike duty with a maximum travel option of 160mm.

Aside from the chassis updates the Fox 38 comes with a host of other useful new features. Special lower leg channels increase air volume while actively distributing oil to the seals and bushings to keep things running smoothly. Bleed buttons on these channels are there to release unwanted air build-up, and also to compensate for changes in pressure caused by drastic elevation changes. The damper also gets an update, with Variable Valve Control being added to the high-speed compression circuit (previous models had VVC in the rebound circuit only). This allows the damper to respond at a variable rate that matches each different type of bump or hit, giving us the best possible feel across a wide range of terrain.


  • Enduro ready fork for big trail and lift-assist days
  • Kashima coating is claimed to last longer for a better travel feel
  • Redesigned fork arch sheds grams and improves stiffness
  • Grip 2 damper provides nearly limitless adjustment options
  • Floating axle reduces friction and axle twist
  • EVOL air spring adds air volume for reliable squish
  • Bleed valves release built-up air pressure that affects ride quality