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Finish Line Bike Maintenance Starter Kit 1-2-3


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Finish Line has focuses on teaching cyclists how to choose and use the Finish Line lubricants, cleaners, and cleaning tools that match up best with their bikes, the conditions they ride in, and their personal commitment to bike maintenance.


  • Made using high-quality ingredients.
  • Greatly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction
  • The Starter Kit 1-2-3 brings you three of our most popular products in one convenient cleaning kit; The Grunge Brush, DRY Lube, and Multi-Degreaser
  • The Grunge Brush is super durable. Its stiff bristles break up grunge and grime.
  • Multi-Degreaser is a super strong cleaner (use it with the Grunge Brush) that breaks up grease and grime fast.
  • DRY Lube is our most popular lubricant that keeps your parts moving smoothly and lasting a long time without attracting dirt and grunge.
  • Contains Grunge Brush, 4oz Multi-Degreaser, 4oz DRY Lube