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Ergon SMC Men's Saddle


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Ergon took it upon themselves to focus on all kinds of persistent seating problems in mountain biking. Based on the great success of the SM saddle series now come additional models for 2020 - further refined for even more comfort. The orthopedic foam is thicker, softer and creates a large contact area. Features a flat seat for dynamic sitting in different positions without tilting effects. In the male-specific model the pronounced, rearward positioned relief channel provided maximum relief in the sensitive perineal area.


  • The SMC Sport Gel Men’s saddle delivers maximum comfort on the trail. Ergonomically designed for mountain biking the Men’s specific shape features a thicker, more plush orthopedic foam padding with gel pads to provide all-day comfort over any terrain.
  • The surface design closely follows the male anatomy and eliminates pressure on the genital area by distributing the rider’s weight on their sit bones – effectively preventing discomfort.
  • Anatomic gel pads are ergonomically positioned in the sit bone contact area and deliver increased comfort while pedaling.
  • The rearward positioned comfort relief channel is specifically designed for Men to eliminate pressure, numbness, and pain in the perineum and genital areas.

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