Dumonde Tech Pro X Lite Chain Lubricant, Full View

Dumonde Tech Pro X Lite Chain Lubricant


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Pro X Lite is the lighter version of Dumonde Tech's Pro X Regular chain lubricant. It's ideal for wet or dry road riding and extreme dry off-road trail conditions. Very good performer in extremely cold conditions as well.

The Pro X Lite can be used on all cables, pivots points, and seals. Safe on plastic, rubber, and all seal materials. The product is designed to not harm your components.


  • Micro Resistant Complex Compounds (MRCC) technology creates an extremely low friction bond
  • A dry lubricant that does not attract dust and dirt
  • Very little is used to move your bike parts
  • Waterproof
  • Drivetrain stays clean, last longer, and runs silently
  • Applied sparingly for the best results and increased value