Cush Core XC Tire Insert 29"

Cush Core XC Tire Insert 29"


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CushCore is based around tire suspension. Any suspension system has a spring and a damper, and with CushCore, pressurized air in the tire is the spring and the CushCore tire insert is the damper. Also like traditional suspension, a constant damping force wouldn’t work. CushCore responds differently depending on the tire loading scenario. The more the tire flexes, the more damping it provides. It does this by breaking it down into small, medium, and large tire deflections. It transforms your tubeless tire into a suspension system with a tune-able air spring and foam damper. CushCore applies constant pressure on the tire sidewalls. This provides protection and stability even at low tire pressures. It is designed to fit tight on the rim. This radial tension locks the bead to the rim while maintaining a supple tread patch.

The XC version is lightweight and designed for cross-country racing, light trail riding, and/or less aggressive riders.