Cush Core Tire Insert set with valves, 27.5 (650b) with box full view

Cush Core 27.5" Tire Insert Set


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What sets CushCore inserts apart from other tire inserts on the market is that they're not just for flat-tire protection. The engineered foam insert acts as a damper to reduce vibration at the bar, diminishes tire deflection off obstacles, and stabilizes the tire against roll and squirm in the corners and at high speed - it even provides run-flat capabilities. Think of it as suspension for your tires optimized to give you a faster, smoother ride. CushCore is designed for tubeless tire systems.

CushCore is designed as a system to be used in both the Front and Rear Wheels — each kit includes 2 inserts and 2 air valves

CushCore PRO fits tire widths 2.1″ to 2.6″ and inner rim widths 22mm to 35mm.


  • Engineered foam insert prevents tires from bottoming out, greatly reducing rim damage
  • The unique design significantly reduces the risk of pinch flats and tire burping
  • Additional lateral stability means more control around corners
  • The inner-tire suspension system provides superior shock absorption and vibration attenuation
  • Two CushCore Tire Inserts, two Presta Tubeless Air Valves, installation instructions