All Mountain Style Gravel/Road Frame Guard clear full view

All Mountain Style Gravel/Road Frame Guard


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An evolution from All Mountain Style's mountain bike honeycomb frame guards but with a new thinner and lighter material better suited for the specific protection needs of gravel and road bikes. Protects from cable rubbing, scratches, and minor impacts, keeping your frame fresh and ready. 


  • Get rid of marks, chips, and cable wear on the frame.
  • Don't ruin the look of your bike. Improve it.
  • Super easy to install.
  • Designed for universal fitting on Gravel and Road frames.
  • CLEAR semi-matte protection doesn't cover the graphics of your bike. 


    • Impact and rub resistance micro-honeycomb 200 microns semi-rigid PVC.
    • Minimum weight (22 grams / 0.77 ounces).
    • Cool look&feel semi-matte material.
    • Easy to install. 
    • Automotive-grade materials. Won't yellow over time. Guaranteed.
    • 12 parts for a universal protection system: 1 big part for the downtube, 2 long arrows for the fork or the seat stays 1 big part for the top tube or the seat tube, 8 arrow parts for cable rub protection, and areas where tire fits tight with the frame.