Meet the All-New Orbea Rise

The second generation Orbea Rise features Shimano’s EP801 drive unit with two motor profiles for maximum versatility. Profile 1 provides natural-feeling and range-minded assistance and Profile 2 offers more standard assistance. Orbea also offers 420Wh or 630Wh battery options and a 210Wh range extender for carbon Rises, and has updated the frame to increase stiffness and allow for longer dropper posts.

Two versions of the new Rise are available. The Rise LT has 150 millimeters of rear and 160 millimeters of front travel and an all-mountain/Enduro component spec, as well as a geo-adjust flip-chip. The Rise SL sports a lighter weight build kit and 140 millimeters of travel front and rear. A carbon fiber shock link without geo adjust options also shaves weight and provides agile, ascent-focused geometry. Read a review of the 2025 Rise line here.

We have one size large Rise SL in stock, check it out here or at our 649 S B. Street Tustin shop. More models are on the way, stay tuned!