Photo Contest

Submissions accepted January 22-26!

The Path Photo Contest

We all have a favorite trail, favorite riding photo, or good story from a shred we’d like to share.

In fact, it’s one of the best things to talk about with your buddies, and that’s exactly why
The Path wants to hear YOURS! 

Starting January 22, we’re taking submissions via email (photos submitted via other means will not be considered) for our first annual photo contest!
Anyone, anywhere can enter.

Email us ( your photo with a description telling us why this photo is special to you. Whether it’s a sick photo or a really special story, we want to know. Our Instagram followers will vote on their favorite, and winner(s) will receive prizes from The Path. 

Some examples: A photo of you shredding a trail that you had crashed on before, a favorite trail that you know like the back of your hand, or maybe it’s just a super rad photo of you riding that you are proud of because you hit a sick feature, or just had a really awesome day on the trail!
Remember, people will read and vote on these so be sure it’s something you want to share. 

If you need an example as to what we’re looking for check out the first post from Zach Walker, one of our Path Employees, who wrote about The Luge right here in SoCal. 

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Zach Walker

There's no other trail in SoCal that I can ride so frequently, yet remain so invested and intrigued with every aspect the dirt has to offer that day. The ability it has to help me clear my mind is unrivaled by anything else. I’ve never once left the trail without a smile on my face, including the time I crashed and fractured several ribs a couple of years back. The Luge is the perfect loop for someone who needs a quick 1-hour pre-work workout, someone who is out for an afternoon cruise(only to forget what the term cruise means and attempt to destroy their Strava PR), or a group of buddies out on a night run with half-charged batteries.
The Luge is a truly unique trail that has something for everyone, and holds a special place in my heart.

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