Bike Check: Tyler's Pivot Switchblade

This 2022 Switchblade Ride (formerly Race) XT is Path sales associate Tyler B's go-to rig. It's his all-around bike, which means it has to be fast enough to keep up on the climbs and rip on the descents. Check out the video above (and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss out on future videos) and continue reading to see learn more about Tyler's build.


Tyler dialed in his cockpit with a Wolftooth Geoadjust one-degree headset. The Switchblade comes stock with a 66 degree headtube angle, and this headset essentially brings it to 65. Tyler wanted a bit slacker geo for more control when riding gnarly, steep trails.

Tyler runs a OneUp Components 210 millimeter V2 dropper post, which has enough drop to allow him to get the saddle out of the way on downhills and make the bike as maneuverable as possible. These posts are available at a great price point, reliable, and are fairly easy to service. Tyler runs an Ergon Men's SM Enduro saddle, which is comfortable for him even on longer rides.


Tyler's Switchblade is spec'd with a Fox Performance 36 fork with 150mm of travel, which offers great bang for the buck. While it only has low-speed rebound and compression adjustments, set up is easy and delivers a good ride quality.

This Switchblade model comes stock with a Fox Performance Float X rear shock. Pivot's tune on the Float Xs creates an awesome pedaling platform and plenty of bottom-out support. The feel of this shock one reason Tyler said it's so poppy and fun to ride, despite not offering a ton of small bump sensitivity. But he argues that it this makes you want to get playful on the trail and bunny hop the bike off of every little rock. 


The Shimano XT/SLX Groupset this Switchblade is spec'd with offers solid performance and reliability at a very affordable price point. Tyler swapped out the Stock M1900 wheelset for the DT Swiss XM1700 wheelset, which saved some weight and added more durability. This wheelset is built on DT Swiss 350 hubs, which are super reliable and easy to service. His wheelset is also equipped with Santa Cruz Fillmore valves, which our staff agrees are worth the investment. They come with a lifetime warranty, won't clog, and are super high flow, which makes tires easier to seat with a floor pump.

Tyler also set up his rear wheel with Cushcore tire inserts after damaging a couple of rims in the past. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to go fast and worry less when taking a gnarly line. Cushcore protects the rim and changes the dampening characteristics of the wheel for a plusher feel. Tyler used Cushcore's XC insert for a smaller weight penalty.

Tyler shod his wheels with Maxxis Minion DHF and Minion DHR2tires. This combo offers plenty of grip without adding too much rolling resistance. Tyler runs a Double Down casing in the rear with his Cushcore, but he is thinking about switching to a lighter for a less stiff combo.