Tips for Riding After Rain

Ride through mud puddles not around them.
Our local parks typically close when it rains, but puddles can remain after the trails reopen. Riding through puddles rather than on the fringe will prevent additional damage to the trail bed. (And it's a good time to work on your manual and bunny hop skills!).

As the winter riding season approaches, respect closures and also consider not riding trail networks that do not officially close during storms. Certain soil types do not drain well and not only will mountain bike tires cause rutting and other damage, mud can also take a toll on your bike's drivetrain and other moving parts.

Keep an eye on The Path's social media for regular trail updates and closure notices, and bookmark OC Park's alerts page for information about conditions in our local parks. Winter is the ideal time for trail maintenance, so consider giving back by helping out at a trail work day with a local organization like SHARE MTB Club. See the calendar above for upcoming work parties!