Spring Bike Cleaning

With more daylight hours and perfect riding weather, many people are spending more time in the saddle. With increased mileage comes the need for more routine bike maintenance, and a great place to start is with a good scrub. A clean bike rides and shifts better, and regular cleaning of drivetrain parts can reduce wear and tear so they need replacing less often.

For a quick clean, you can use a soft brush to knock dirt and dried mud off the frame, then wipe down the frame and wheels with a waterless bike wash like Muc-Off or SSB. If water must be used, use it sparingly, at a very low pressure and try to avoid spraying areas that contain bearings or seals (bottom brackets, pivot points, fork/shock, dropper post). Use degreaser and a rag and/or brushes to clean the drivetrain (don’t miss those grimy derailleur pulleys). This is also a good time to wipe down fork and shock stanchions, and don’t forget to lube your chain after cleaning it.

Bicycling Magazine recently published this in-depth guide to deep cleaning your bike, and Cycling Tips also has a great piece about drivetrain detailing.