Riding in the Time of COVID-19

Over the past few months, we've all experienced changes to our routines on some level as we, our employers, our schools and the businesses we support take measures to curb the spread of COVID-19. The shake up of our daily routines, lack of races, group rides and events on the calendar, and changes to the way we travel and vacation have had an impact on how, when and where we ride. 

We reached out to our Pathletes to hear about how they're riding through COVID-19, and here's what they had to say:

Chris in Sedona

"Big bummer with no racing or not much racing available. I have taken the opportunity to do some amazing riding this year and have hit Sedona, Lake Tahoe, Mammoth, Truckee and most recently, Bentonville, Arkansas which was even better than I expected!  Like all, I hope life gets back to more normal soon," Chris Sanchirico. 

"We raced SoCal Enduro last weekend. Emma and Claire [Collin's sisters] finished 3rd and 4th, only one second difference overall. It was my worst feeling race day, ever...I still managed 8th out of 12, cool! Riding as much as I can, working somewhere new now, lots more time at home and riding. Nice fresh start, yeehaw!" Collin Timmermans.  

Nate and Jeff on Hawk trail

"Summer has been good for me - doing some riding but probably less than an average year. Trying to stay fit by riding on Zwift in my garage - I picked up one of the Wahoo Kickr Core trainers. it's really a great trainer. My family and I have also been riding more, mostly around Orange and down to the circle for dinner. They've done a great job with outdoor dining and I'm seeing lots of folks out riding their bikes, which is really great. I was able to get out on the Hawk trail in Santiago Oaks with Jon Kearley and Jeff McLeary last week to look at some upcoming work we'll do out there - just need some rain to be able to do it," Nathan Forrest

Emili and her Giant Trance 2

"Emili started riding her bike from middle-school again during quarantine. Even though she just graduated college, quarantine had her bugging to get out and jogging wasn’t an option. So out came “the butterfly bike”.  A few hundred miles later, she realized her equipment was keeping her from going farther and faster.
After some bike counseling from Brian at the Live Oak Shop….she decided on the Giant Trance 2. It’s been about 3 months on the bike she’s calling, “Mystery”. 
Recently, Pathlete Leslie helped lead her up the Santiago Truck Trail to Old Camp for her very first time. Here’s to meeting your cycling goals!," Erik Williams, on his friend Emili's progression during COVID-19.
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