Reserve Fillmore Valves

Reserve unveiled its new Fillmore Valves today, and we can’t wait to give them a try!

The Fillmore Valve is a completely new take on tubeless valves designed around the familiar Presta valve, which has been in use for nearly a century. The Fillmore has three times the airflow of a Presta valve for easier seating and inflating, a self-clearing poppet to eliminate clogged valves, a threaded cap to allow for adjusting tire pressure with precision, and its coreless design allows for no-fuss sealant injection.

santa cruz reserve fillmore valve view installed on wheel

Fillmore Valves are backward compatible with mountain, gravel, and cyclocross rims up to 28-millimeters deep. They will also work with Presta pump heads and most sealant injectors.

We have Fillmore Valves in stock now, in-store and here on our website