Q&A: The MTB Garage

The Path Bike Shop employee doing a wheelie

Sean Potter has worked at The Path's Live Oak store for six years. Back in October, Sean launched his YouTube channel, The MTB Garage, and has since published nine videos, covering everything from product reviews and drivetrain shootouts to tips for upgrading an entry-level mountain bike and how to do a wheelie. Sean's videos are fun and informative for riders of all levels and disciplines. 

We checked in with Sean recently to learn more about The MTB Garage, and here's what Sean had to say about his new venture:

The PathHow did you come up with the idea for The MTB Garage?

Potter: I actually had the idea for The MTB Garage in 2019 and it took me about a year to commit to it and get things started. Basically after watching some of the other mountain biking YouTube channels, I felt that I had enough resources and knowledge to do my own channel and bring something different to the table.

The PathWhat is your main goal/objective for the channel?

Potter: I really have two goals with the channel: Education and entertainment. I am really hoping to provide a complete resource for mountain bikers to come and learn something new about MTB, and enjoy that learning process. I am really trying to provide information that is valuable to novices and experienced riders alike, and I am trying to encompass as many different avenues as I can, whether it's tech videos, product/bike reviews, riding tutorials etc.

The Path: How do you come up with ideas/topics for your videos?

Potter: Ideas sort of just come to me and I jot them down, I currently have about 15 videos waiting to be made, but I would say my main focus is just centered around providing relevant information in a way that would make a quality ten minute video. Working at a bike shop I end up with a pretty good idea of what's popular, what people need educating on, and what people would really enjoy watching.

The PathDo you have a specific type of rider in mind when you create your content?

Potter: My goal is definitely to reach all riders of every discipline and skill level.

The Path: How does your work at The Path tie into/influence The MTB Garage... and vice versa?

Potter: Working at The Path for about six years has definitely given me the knowledge and experience to do so many things with the channel, I know how to educate people because most of what I do is educating mountain bikers on a daily basis at work. I know the fine details of bike repair and maintenance. I have had the opportunity to own and ride tons of bikes and products which allows me to understand how they perform and compare to other products. If it wasn't for the knowledge I have gained from working at the shop, I wouldn't be able to do what I do with the channel.

The PathWhat is your favorite part about creating video content?

Potter: My favorite part about making videos is really just the creative process as a whole. Having an idea and then turning that into a finished product is a super fun process. Once I have the idea I have to lay out a story board, write a script, plan the shots, film, edit and then release it to the world.

The Path: What is the most challenging part?

Potter: The most challenging part is the details. I am a bit of a perfectionist with the channel and at every step of the process there are tons of fine details that have to be just right in order for me to be satisfied with the finished product. While the attention to the details can be time consuming, I believe that all those details come together in the end to make a quality product.

The PathWhat has surprised you about being a YouTuber?

Potter: What surprised me the most was the amount of time and work involved in creating content. From start to finish a ten minute video will take anywhere from 30-40 hours to make, sometimes more.

The PathWhich video so far was the most fun to make?

Potter: I had a lot of fun making the Walmart bike vs DH bike video where I sent a Walmart bike down Rock it in Aliso Woods. It was a fun shoot and I was blown away by how well the Walmart bike actually handled those massive rock gardens.

The PathDo you create your videos by yourself or do you have help?

Potter: I do the majority of the work myself but I do get some help from Joey and sometimes a few friends when shooting riding shots. Joey is a great photographer and he has been a huge help when we need some high quality video out on the trail.

The PathAnything else we should know?

Potter: We have a ton of really cool stuff planned for the next few months so stay tuned and if you are already a subscriber of the channel, thanks for your support!

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