Fall Virtual Ride Series: Week Five

Welcome back to the Path Bike Shop’s 6-week Fall Virtual Ride Series, after postponing last week due to fires in the area, we had a quick change of plans for our Week 5 ride.

This round we’re going to be riding O'Neill/Waterworks!

To see the route click here:


Options for this route:

1) Ride exactly as mapped for the advanced route, feeling free to add additional loops. 

2) Take Arroyo Trabuco (the way you rode down to the Waterworks trails) rather than Tijeras Creek, this will save a bit of time/effort.

3) You can also do just one loop of singletrack, Waterworks, or Ladera Ridge/Rage/Spitfire if you wish to cut the ride time/effort down a bit. 

The route is also posted on Strava, on our Path Bike Shop Club page and corresponding event: 


When you get to The Path Bike Shop Live Oak, open the saved route, and use Trailforks or your Garmin to navigate if you're unfamiliar with the trails. On Trailforks, be sure to check out the points of interest along the way to see photos, and more info about features, intersections and other helpful tips!

Ride the route on your own schedule, at your own pace within seven days. You'll have until 11:00 am on Monday, November 9th to complete Ride #5 

About Waterworks:

To get to Waterworks you go through O'Neill Park, where there is also a popular campground, so be watchful of people walking around as you ride! Most of the climbing to Waterworks is done on a false flat fireroad, and be careful of water crossings on your way in. Once you leave Arroyo Trabuco, there is a quick road climb that starts to lead you up towards some fun, flowy descents with optional jumps. This is a great place to start to get comfortable with jumping because it's easy to session in order to practice. It's also a great place to get more comfortable on the bike in general. There is nothing too gnarly on these trails, unless you choose to hit optional features.

Parking is available at The Path Bike Shop Live Oak:

30555 Trabuco Canyon Rd #102, Trabuco Canyon, CA 92679

Be sure to stop in the shop before/after your ride!

How the Path Fall Virtual Ride Series works:

We will post the routes on Monday on social media, here on our website and on Trailforks. There will be an easier and a more difficult option to choose from, so you can do whichever you think best suits your riding style. 

The routes will be available on Trailforks.com / the app and will include Points of Interest for any direction changes, features that may be a little techy, and other helpful information. Be sure to look at these before you ride so you know what to expect. 

Once the ride is posted on Monday, you will have one week to complete the route. Be sure to take pictures and post on Strava or social media using the hashtag #PathRideSeries2020 and tagging @thepathbikeshop so we know you did it! Alternatively, send us an email with a photo and a note about your ride.  

If you ride with us every week and post it (or email us) a photo, you will automatically be entered into an end-of-series raffle where you can win some Path merch and other fun prizes! Everyone who participates in each ride of this series will receive something from us at the end as well, as a thank you for riding with us. Be sure to join our Strava Club and follow us on social media so you don’t miss the weekly route announcement. Look for a ride event on Strava each week as well. 

We want you to have fun with it, no matter which route option you choose. Scope any lines you want, and go around any features you don’t feel ready for. Also, please be safe and ride within your abilities, getting off to walk when you see a feature you don’t think you can handle. And, since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, we also ask that you take precautions if you do the ride with a friend. 


Trail etiquette and riding tips:

Please ride safely, and be courteous to others on the trail. Remember to yield to other cyclists and hikers as this is a heavily trafficked park. Hikers have the right of way, and the downhill rider should yield to anyone riding uphill.

There are no options to fill water along the route, so carry lots with you. Be sure to check the weather before you go. There is a place to fill water in Canyon View park if you happen to run out near that area. It is located on the right if you are riding up towards the neighborhoods just before the gate. 

Also be sure to keep an eye out for features and ways to get around them if you're not ready to hit it this time. We just want to make sure everyone has fun and uses this as a time to see new trails or by the end of the series go back and feel confident to hit a new section on a trail.

Feel free to add or take away from the routes that we have made. Go at your pace, whenever you want during the week, and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to post for the week so we know you did the ride.

Stay safe, stay cool, and have fun!