Cornering Tips

Many riders find that cornering in one direction seems easier and more natural, while turning the opposite way feels like it takes some effort and concentration.

Check out this video by the Global Mountain Bike Network for some helpful tips on how to improve your cornering technique in both directions, and on all types of corners. also put together a collection of cornering tips from pros, coaches, and veteran amateur riders, covering everything from where to look to bike setup.

Skills clinics are also a good way to work on fundamentals, even if you’ve been riding for a while. Locally, connect with Leigh Donovan and Non Dot Adventures to learn more about upcoming clinics. With COVID restrictions easing in many destinations, groups like Ladies AllRideTrek Dirt Series and Ninja Mountain Bike Clinics have clinics scheduled for 2021.

The Path will also be putting some skills-focused small group rides on the calendar soon…stay tuned for updates!