Brand Spotlight: TASCO MTB

tasco great outdoors small batch

Based in Carlsbad, California, TASCO is a rider owned and operated outdoor adventure brand that strives to create original designs, be a positive influence, and connect with community.

TASCO founder Nate Miller is an avid surfer, mountain biker, and general outdoor enthusiast. He realized there was a need for a brand committed to provide great lifestyle apparel designed specifically for the mountain bike community. At the time, Miller and his friends had a MTB race team and decided to make a few t-shirts for after the race.

“I noticed we would always put on surf type gear. I love surfing, love the vibe and culture, and thought it would be cool to have something similar for mountain bikers. Something lighthearted and fun," Miller said. "Then, once I looked into it a little bit more I saw there really was a black hole for that market."

tasco mtb socks full view

The name TASCO came after Miller learned that his original idea, Oso Mtb, was taken. "Why don't you just call it The Awesome Shirt Company? Seriously, that would be so awesome!," suggested Miller's eleven-year-old son. 

In the beginning, Miller operated out of his garage, and managed everything from e-commerce and shipping to email marketing to social media on his own. Most weekends he packed up his van and headed to the nearest mountain bike race to set up a booth and sell his product.

TASCO mtb glove desert camo

TASCO strives to bring together the mindset of the surf scene with the culture of mountain biking, camping, and being outdoors. The brand's mission is to be a part of daily mountain bike stoke, with a focus on product versatility. Its Small Batch releases feature new sock and glove designs every month, and TASCO also offers jerseys, shorts, and most recently, riding pants, alongside its flagship lifestyle tees, hoodies, and hats.  

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