Brand Spotlight: SSB

SSB Bike Wash full view

Although SSB stands for Sand Sports Brothers, we sometimes refer to this do-it-all bike wash as Super Shiny Bike, because that's exactly what you end up with when you use you use it.

Based in Walnut, California, SSB was born out of a love for the outdoors and the off-road world. After riding in the desert together for years, SSB founder and CFO John Silva and his buddies — the 'brothers' of Sand Sports Brothers — began making aftermarket suspension parts, doors, and cages for the off-road world in the early 2000s. 

But since all of the company's employees also rode bikes, including Silva, who has been riding since the late 1970s, SSB expanded into the cycling industry with the launch of its Ultimate Spray-N-Wash in 2018. 

"There's a lot of overlap with the off-road and cycling worlds, and we all rode bikes and wanted to get more involved with the bike community," Silva said. "We thought we'd start with something neutral that we would also use and like. We spent two years developing our Spray-n-Wash, and after a lot of R&D — and not going to lie, we destroyed a lot of bikes in the process — we came up with something that's safe on all parts of the bike."

SSB currently has 33 employees, and a troupe of ambassadors who race and ride all over Southern California. Silva said that he and his team have loved not only being a part of the cycling community, but also doing what they can to promote and support SSB's retail partners. SSB is also involved with local events, including Over the Hump and other races. 

"We work hard to promote all the goodness when it comes to the sport and the community," Silva said. "SSB is for riders, by riders, and we love what we do so it has never really felt like work."

Look for SSB's tent at the upcoming Over the Hump Winter Series, and other events in 2022. Be sure to stop by to say hi to John and check out SSB's Spray-n-Wash. 

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