Brand Spotlight: BN3TH Apparel

bn3th apparel performance underwear at the path bike shop

The majority of our male staff members have been wearing BN3TH’s performance underwear since we started carrying the brand last year. More recently, several of our staff have also come to love BN3TH’s North Shore Bike Chamois.

BN3TH Apparel (BN3TH sounds like the proper spelling; 'beneath) was born and bred in Vancouver, British Columbia, with the sole intent of radically changing how active men think about underwear. The company engineers its underwear and bike chamois to keep you comfortable without the need to constantly adjust or shift thanks to its patented three-dimensional MyPakage Pouch Technology that provides a supportive fit.

bn3th north shore bike chamois full view

BN3TH introduced its North Shore Bike Chamois a few months ago, incorporating the same pouch into the short to help take the pressure off delicate bits by creating space and ventilation. A shortened 12-millimeter chamois pad provides padding for the sit bones, with a channel allowing for improved airflow.

BN3TH uses eco-friendly TENCEL Modal fibers derived from sustainable wood and pulp sources, which are certified compostable and biodegradable, for over 90 percent of its products. Other benefits of TENCEL Modal include softness, enhanced breathability, and improved moisture management. BN3TH also uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging for all of its products.

Check out our selection of BN3TH underwear and chamois in a range of sizes and colors in store and online!