7 Great MTB Resources

There is a wealth of information on social media, YouTube and elsewhere online for improving skills, deciding which products to buy, discovering new places to ride, and anything else riders want to learn.

Here are some of our favorite online resources:

1) Pinkbike.com. For news, racing information, product coverage and more. Of all the cycling media, Pinkbike has the largest audience globally, and publishes A LOT of content.

2) @ladiesallride on Instagram. Coach Lindsey Richter’s riding tips are great for all riders, of all skill levels. We particularly love her #teachabletuesday posts every week, check them out!

3) Trailforks.com and mtbproject.com. The Google Maps of mountain bike trails, these apps provide riders with everything they need to know about trail networks across the globe, from realtime maps and driving directions to info on trail conditions, notable features, mileage and elevation gain. PeopleForBikes’ Ride Spot app also has a social component for group riding planning. Download one of these apps today!

4) GMBN.com. The Global Mountain Bike Network produces a wealth of video content, covering everything from products and maintenance to riding tips and how-to guides.

5) Vitalmtb.com. Vital publishes a little bit of everything, including bike checks, product reviews, racing and industry news and more. There is also a forum and photo gallery to browse.

6) Podcasts. There are hundreds of cycling podcasts out there (including The Path Podcast!) that cover a variety of topics. Search your favorite podcast app for bike-related shows, and be sure to check out Mountain Bike Radio! Many brands and athletes also have their own podcasts.

7) Brand websites. ridefox.com, parktool.com, sram.com and many others delve into product tech and more, and bike brands’ websites are the best place to learn about different models, builds and other brand-specific technology and design.