Rocky Mountain Instinct PowerPlay C90 Size M

2020 Rocky Mountain Instinct PowerPlay C90 Size M


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While developing its first-ever eMTB, Rocky Mountain refused to be held hostage by existing drive designs. Rocky built the drive to fit the bike, not the other way around. For ten years, our engineers dreamed, created, tested and meticulously improved upon Dyname until they got it right. The Dyname drive is compact, powerful, and smooth. It facilitates pure, unbridled design freedom, as evidenced by the seamless integration of the RIDE-9 adjustment system.

The drive system:

Lower RPM

Dyname spins at 1200 RPM (1/4 the competition's speed). Less whine. More efficiency.

Tuned to the key of human

Specifically designed to an MTB-friendly cadence and real world singletrack riding. No spinning out.

Higher torque

Virtual quads kick in when you need them and stand down when you don't.

A motor's intuition

Seamless power modulation between drive and human. Dyname reads your rhythm and responds to your ride.

Proprietary design

Three patents. In-house customization. Limitless design freedom.

Better BB

The bottom bracket is part of the bike, not the drive. No creaking, less wear, and local shops can service it. 

Wheel size: 29

Travel: 140mm front/140mm rear

Frame: Carbon

More specs:

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