Prestacycle Prestaflator ECO inflation tool full view

Prestacycle Prestaflator ECO Inflation Tool


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The Prestaflator ECO is designed with a Medium flow trigger valve providing a perfect balance for inflation and seating tubeless tires.  The dial pressure gauge lets you follow your progress visually.  Designed for Bicycle Mountain & Road tires with a wide range of pressure requirements. Presta / Schrader auto-select head engages with a simple flip of the lever. Quick lever release minimizes air loss at disconnect.


  • Auto Select Head for Quick, easy use.
  • 2″ / Steel case dial pressure gauge.
  • 150 PSI (in 2 PSI increments).
  • 10.5 Bar (in 0.2 Bar increments).
  • Copper coil mechanism provides good accuracy.
  • Presta AND Schrader!
  • Replaceable I/M compressor quick-release attachment.
  • Rubber pressure gauge housing for shock protection.