KMC X-12 Ti-Nitride 12sp Gold Chain, Full View

KMC X-12 Ti-Nitride 12-speed Gold Chain


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KMC makes chains for all aspects of cycling that are known for reliability, smooth shifting performance, and quick installation via the Missing Link system. The Ti-Nitride gold coating actually reduces friction and improves durability by shedding mud, water, and grit more easily due to its mildy hydrophobic nature, while also yielding corrosion-resistant properties.


  • 12-speed chain for smooth, precise shifting and long wear life
  • Ti-Nitride coating reduces friction and improves durability
  • X-bridge with inner & outer chamfering offers smooth, fast shifting
  • Mushroom riveted pins allow precise shifting under heavy loads
  • Missing Link master link allows simple installation and adjustments
  • Compatible with SRAM 12-speed mountain drivetrain
  • Material and Coating: Ti-Nitride
  • Connection: KMC Missing Link
  • Application: Mountain Biking