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Blackburn Mammoth Anyvalve Mini Pump


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Blackburn's Mammoth Anyvalve Mini Pump Anyvalve head automatically adjusts to fit Presta, Schrader, or Dunlop valves so you're never left hanging with an incompatible tube. A rubberized handle folds out into a T-shape for better leverage while pumping, and an oversized barrel width means it pushes massive air compared to its similarly-mini counterparts.


  • The oversized barrel is designed to push more air into the tire per stroke, so you aren't worn out before you hit the trail
  • Works great on any type of bicycle valve with the flick of a lever. No leaking, no fuss, clean and simple
  • Tough aluminum barrel for a lifetime of use
  • An ergonomic design that folds away easily
  • Includes an easy to install mount that fits under your water bottle cage