Path tech rebuilds a suspension for at our Tustin store.

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*The prices below do not include any parts that may be required to complete the job*

Service  DescriptionPrice
Basic Bike TuneTune and lube drivetrain, adjust brakes, minor bearing adjustment, check and torque all bolts.
Advise for any additional service needed. 
Basic Plus TuneBasic Tune with additional replacement of all cables/housings up to 6 cables/housings (brake, shift, seatpost)$120
Pro Bike TuneSame as Basic Tune with front and rear wheel true/tension and hub adjustment$110
Pro Plus TuneSame as Pro Tune with additional replacement of all cables/housings up to 6 cables/housings (brake, shift, seatpost)
Brake BleedPurge old brake fluid, bleed brake with new fluid, re-install caliper + tuning$45 each
Rear Derailleur TuneSet high and low limits, adjust cable tension, align derailleur hanger$25
Front Derailleur TuneSet high and low limits, adjust cage position and cable tension as needed$15
Fork RebuildInspect chassis and adjuster function, disassemble fork, inspect all dampers, bushings, and spring assemblies, flush and replace oil, clean, lube, and reassemble (cost of seal kit is an additional charge)$80
Shock Rebuild
Air sleeve rebuild (cost of seat kit is an additional charge)$40
Dropper Post InstallInstall seatpost in frame, route and fix line, install remove lever in handlebar, cut line, bleed, adjust as necessary$50
Fork Crown Race InstallPress crown race onto fork steerer$10
Tire InstallInstall tire on rim, install tube in tire or add sealant, inflate and set bead as necessary$15
Tube InstallInstall new tube and inflate$15
Ebike Tube InstallRemove old tube, install new tube, mount and seat tire, re-install wiring, inflate$20
Wheel TrueCharge varies depending on the condition of the wheel $25-$30
Wheel Re-tensionInspect rim, spokes, and nipples, re-tension spokes, balancing radial and lateral true with even spoke tension$35
Pack Bike for ShippingPack bike for standard shipping, includes all packing materials$100