Where to Put Your On Trail Tool/Repair Kits Besides in Your Pack

Carry tools on the bike rather than in your pack to save space.
Carry them on your bike instead! Several options exist for storing tubes, tools, inflation so they're always there when you need them but out of the way when you don't.

Backcountry Research's straps secure a tube, levers and a CO2 cartridge under the saddle or on the frame. The Mutherload Strap can be mounted in various places on your bike's frame, comes in several color options and retails for $22. The Race Strap fits under the saddle, is dropper post compatible and fits a combination of 26" to 29" tubes, inflation and tools. It sells for $18.

The Syncros Tailor Cage iS holds a 19-function multitool that includes a chain tool and link storage. It can be mounted for either right or left-hand use, and retails for $39 (including tool). Syncros also makes cages that carry a mini pump along with a multitool.

OneUp's EDC Tool can be stowed in your bike's steerer tube so it's right there when you need it. The tool has all the essentials, including a chain tool, link storage, space for a CO2 cartridge and valve core removal tool. It sells for $59.

Laguna Beach-based Fix Manufacturing has several options for carrying multitools within easy reach, including the Strap On Tool Holster. The holster holds Fix's Wheelie Wrench (sold separately) and can be mounted on a hip pack waist strap, or hydration pack shoulder strap, making it easily accessible for quick trailside adjustments or repairs. It retails for $25.

The next time you're in the shop, check out all the options for carrying ride essentials on the bike so you'll have them when you need them, even on short rides!