Being Prepared for an On-Trail Chain Break

Carrying a spare link and chain tool with you when you ride will ensure you won't have to walk out when your chain breaks.

Breaking your chain and finishing your ride on foot instead of on your bike is a big bummer. But it's an easy fix if you have the right tools and a spare link in your pack.

First, be sure to purchase the correct link for your chain depending on brand and drivetrain type. Then, check to see if your multitool has a chainbreaker because without it you won't be able to remove the broken link. Familiarize yourself with not only how to use the chain tool but also how to route your chain through your rear derailleur (one of our techs would be happy to show you -- take photos of what it should look like and keep them on your phone!).

This video from Park Tool offers a good tutorial on how to remove a damaged link and install a quick link (from 1:25 to 2:47), and it covers how repair a chain using a connecting rivet, which is necessary for Shimano's 10-speed or lower chains.

Also keep an eye on our events calendar and this newsletter for more info about an upcoming clinic on how to repair your chain on the trail!