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Bearing replacement service at The Path Bike Shopby Brandon Olson, Technician and Mechanic at The Path Bike Shop

Full suspension bikes are rad. But in order to keep the stoke high, that suspension has to move smooth without added resistance. Most modern suspension designs use what is called a cartridge bearing (like a skateboard bearing). These bearing are pressed into the frame and require periodic maintenance. A bad bearing can cause added resistance within the suspension linkage which can degrade performance and in some cases result in the infamous "creak" or in worse cases "play".

Our technicians at The Path Bike Shop are familiar with these issues and are capable of diagnosing and repairing these problems. Whether it's simply rebuilding the pivot hardware with a fresh coating of grease, greasing the bearings themselves, or completely replacing the bearings with the use of special tools, our technicians are fully capable of performing the most advanced repairs in the industry. We keep a variety of bearings in stock and can often times perform the repairs with a relatively short turn around.

Pictured here is a pivot bearing replacement on a Giant Liv Lust.

Bike seatpost with corrosionby Jesse Peterson, Bike Technician at The Path Bike Shop.

Pictured here is a seatpost from a customer's bike that has been routinely cleaned with a pressure washer. We recommend NEVER using a pressure washer on your bike...because this could happen to you. Never spray water into the insides of your bike!

Here's how to clean your bike safely:

Heat up some distilled water and mix it with Simple Green, then put it in a commercial spray bottle and shoot the crud off with precision. The heat of the liquid will evaporate quickly, and being that it's distilled, you won't get corrosion like you will with a water hose. Precision is the key. Don't shoot directly at the moving parts.

Another way to prolong the life of your components is to not ride in the mud. If it rains, wait a couple of days and go ride when there isn't mud or dust! You avoid both mud and dust, and you avoid damaging the trails!

Personally, I don't clean my bike very often, but when I do its quickly and usually with a damp rag. I use the spray bottle too. And I'll go the distance when I want to really start fresh, disassembling everything to the frame and going through it all. That's the real way to clean a bike!

But for "everyday" cleaning- DON'T! Don't clean your bike after every ride. If you really feel you need to, just DON'T! Your bike will thank you and you can continue to LOVE THE BIKE YOU RIDE!

Rockshox reverb service at The Path Bike Shopby Brandon Olson, Technician & Mechanic at The Path Bike Shop

The Rockshox Reverb is one of the best feeling dropper seat posts in the industry. It's adjustable hydraulic lever provides a smooth, reliable feel that allows for almost unconscious use of the component while riding. The Rockshox Reverb is also fully rebuildable. We keep our inventory stocked full of rebuild kits and we also have the ability to upgrade previous generation Reverbs with the newer, upgraded seal kit.

Whether it's resetting the oil level to address a sagging post, bleeding a lever to ensure fast and consistent return speeds, or performing full rebuilds, our technicians at The Path Bike Shop can do it all.

Fox suspension rebuild at The Path Bike Shopby Brandon Olson, Mechanic at The Path Bike Shop

Here at The Path Bike Shop, we encourage our customers to get their suspension components serviced regularly to ensure proper function. A standard air can service on a rear shock involves partial disassembly, replacing important seals and replenishing the oil within the air can assembly. This can resolve stiction issues, restore small bump compliance and prevent pre-mature malfunctions to the damper mechanism within the shock.

We keep our inventory stocked full of Fox and Rockshox suspension service kits to ensure quick turn around so that you spend more time riding and less time waiting.

RockShox Reverb seatpost service at The Path Bike Shopby Gerrin Shackle, Service Technician at The Path Bike Shop

Have you had your RockShox Reverb or Reverb Stealth seatpost serviced yet?

Keep your Reverb performing well on all your rides, and increase its longevity. SRAM recommends a full rebuild after every 200 hours of use for the Reverb and the Reverb Stealth. We perform this important and valuable service here at The Path Bike Shop.

Does your Reverb need a full rebuild? Here are some telltale signs to look out for:

  • If post sags or drops a little under weight
  • If when post is operated, you hear the piston sucking through oil
  • If oil is leaking out the bottom of the seat post

Troubleshooting first. Here's what to look for to determine if a full rebuild is necessary:

  • If the post will not return to full extension after being compressed, check the air pressure. Air pressure should be at 250psi. 
  • If you try to press the lever and it will not move, or feels like something is broken and/or jammed, check the line in and out of the frame to see if it is kinked. Chances are the line will be kinked, not allowing fluid to be pushed through the line (and nothing is broken). 
  • If the lever has play, meaning you can push and pull it without fluid being pushed through the line. The system needs a bleed.
  • An over tightened seat post clamp bolt can inhibit movement. Check that the seat post clamp bolt is not over torqued.

If you have any other questions or would like for us to take a look at your Reverb, come on in! This service runs $80 labor and an additional $65 for the full seal kit.

Ventana El Ciclon custom Path Bike Shop geometryWe've got a small run of Ventana El Ciclon frames coming in...but these are no ordinary El Ciclon frames.

Made and developed for The Path Bike Shop, this Ventana El Ciclon Special Edition is still a 5-inch travel bike, but with some differences in geometry. This special custom geometry is made for those who want an all-mountain bike made to attack the climbs and the descents equally well. Great option for a lightweight Super D race bike.

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