Bike on road ridereport and photos by Eric (Auk) Akiyoshi, The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team

Eleven Point Two

It's 4:30 on a Monday afternoon, quittin' time!  It's been a long day of staring at rows and columns of numbers, getting blinded by the fluorescent glare, and wondering, "what am I doing chained to my desk on this beautiful day!?!?"  Progress on a project has been slow and the realization that it's going to be a grind of a week sets in.  Pushing back from my desk, I set off for home.
Seven miles is the length of the typical bike ride home.  The ride helps clear my mind and get the A-Game back on track to spend some quality time on the home front.  Pedaling from Irvine to Tustin along the suburban bike trails, a game time decision is made to grab some extra credit mileage before heading home…DETOUR!!!!
Group shot outside The Path Bike Shop Live Oak Center locationreport and photos by Eric (Auk) Akiyoshi, The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team

The chance to enjoy the independence that was declared by our forefathers on July 4, 1776 with a Path shop ride, what else could one ask for?  About 20 riders showed up for good times at the future Live Oak location of the Path Bike Shop.  The mood was light: with a rogue water gun roaming the area, Tallboy manuals abounding, and frequent explorations through the new location

At about 9:15, the troops were rallied and "BANG!"  enthusiastic pedaling reigned…for about 5 minutes.  Swooping and whooping through O'neill Regional Park and up into the trail system the group rode off.  Quite a motley crew, ranging from spandex clad XC racers, to Dickie-wearing-iPod-rockin' ol' timers, to patriotic jerseys, and a blend of every possible world all wrapped into one ride.  Heck, Brian Blair was even spotted riding a 26-inch Santa Cruz Blur TRc:  truly, armageddon was upon us!  GOTTA LOVE RIDES LIKE THIS!
Up through the live Oak trail system the ride progressed and tied back into the bottom of Live Oak Canyon Road.  Auk had to leave early and started pedaling up the hill.  Perhaps this is what inspired further enthusiastic pedaling as Neil took off shortly after and reeled him in, catching (and passing) him on the downhill towards Cook's Corner:  at 5'8" 155 lbs, Auk had no chance against Neil's 5'10" 205 frame.
National Bike Month 2012 posterby Carla Bray, Website & Marketing for The Path Bike Shop

May 14-18 is National Bike to Work Week, and Friday May 18 is Bike To Work Day. This month is filled with lots of cycling events across the country, and a renewed commitment by many to ride more often and to encourage others to ditch their cars and try taking their bicycles instead.

Even small steps can make a big difference. According to the League of American Bicyclists, 50% of all household trips are 3 miles or less, yet nearly 90% of those are made by car.

Using a bike for short trips (to work, school, the library or supermarket) leads to improved health, reduction in traffic congestion, and a noticeable savings in your wallet.

sunset from the roadride report by Erik Akiyoshi, member of The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team
"Thus I set free the tears which before I repressed, that they might flow at will, spreading them out as a pillow beneath my heart. And it rested on them…"  St. Augustine.
No one likes to be around, "that guy,"  you know, the one, "bummer-man"  always delivering the dark cloud to the party…hell, I never want to be that guy, but on today's Friday Dawn Patrol, I was "that guy."  It's especially awkward when there are only two people on a ride and one of them is in a haze of grief (that would be me).  My friend is dying:  she leaves behind 3 beautiful children and a loving husband.
Today's FDP was a mixed dirt / road ride: weapons of choice; Salsa Fargo, and Willits CX w/fat tires (both set up CX style with mountain bike tires…call it Monster Cross if you want). The plan was to meet near the Albertsons at the corner of Jamboree and Santiago and ride the Oaks, getting me back to Into work around 7:00.
Rolling out of the house at 5:00 am, I kept repeating to myself, "gotta be ready to ride without being bummer-man"…"OH CRAP!"  I just about creamed that runner in the bike lane coming towards me without a light or reflective clothing!  I'd better get my head in the game.

dawn and sunrise on the road rideby Eric Akiyoshi, member of The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Race Team

After a 15-week hiatus, the Path’s Friday Dawn Patrol road ride is back!   

One might wonder why the break (well, maybe two people might wonder since that’s the usual number of folks that show up…)?  In late October, one of the ride leaders had ACL replacement and lateral meniscus repair surgery and was: 1) immobile for 5-days, 2) on crutches for 5 more weeks, 3) off the bike for an additional 4-5 weeks, and 3) continues to be embarrassingly slow as he recovers!  But we digress…

road cyclists out riding at dawnRide report by Eric, a.k.a. "Auk" - The Path Bike Shop Ambassador Team and Friday Dawn Patroler

Like cooking a good prime rib, this morning's Friday Dawn Patrol took time and care to come together.  Early in the week I got an e-mail from Drew asking if the FDP was on for this week;  I'd been asking him for weeks if he'd join us.  A day or so later, two other guest riders were in as well.  

It takes time and care to make a great prime rib.  Today, time and care produced an all-star cast of solid riders looking to stretch their legs on a 5:30am pleasure-fest through the Santiago Canyon.

Sunrise on a road rideby Eric Akiyoshi, member of The Path Ambassador Race Team

 <4:40 am - Alarm buzzing in the background>

"?!?!? What the heck ?!?!?  Where am I?  Whuh?... Oh yeah, darn that Friday Morning Dawn Patrol road ride!  Maybe it'll be raining and I can go back to sleep...nope...maybe Brian will have called me saying he had a rough night and wants to sleep in...nope...maybe my bike, sitting in the living room will have spontaneously flatted both tires, and I can make up some lame excuse why I can't ride today...nope..."

These are the thoughts that roll through my mind every week before the Friday Pre-Dawn Patrol Ride.  So why do we do this ?  Hmmm...

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