by Megan Welch, Manager at The Path Bike Shop.

Lezyne Macro GPS Cycling computerA cycling computer was always something I wanted but could never justify the price. I always read into each one available and the features they offered, but once I scrolled down for the price I was turned off. So I settled for just using my phone to record my rides. For the most part, using just my phone is fine but if I had thought of listening to music and recording my ride...forget about it. I don't always want to listen to music but sometimes those soul road rides call for it.

Lezyne first introduced their line of GPS devices in mid-2015. You had two options: the Power GPS or the GPS Mini retailing at $169.99 and $139.99 respectively. These two devices gave us riders what we wanted in a computer at a reasonable cost. They have since updated the line a bit and have added a few more models to choose from. The Power is now called the Super GPS and retails for $149.99. The Super is going to hold the most hours of ride data, longest battery life, and a bigger screen. There are two versions of the Micro GPS with the main difference being that one is a color screen, the Micro C, which also has a few more features and stores a tad more ride info.

The one I tested is the Lezyne Macro GPS. I went with this model because I feel it is the most bang for your buck in the line up. At $99 you get a large screen, incredible amount of run time of 22 hours, and a 100 hrs of stored ride data. Set up was pretty easy, but the instructions given were not that thorough so I relied mostly on just hoping for the best but it all turned out to be pretty simple. With all Lezyne GPS devices you must download their app, the GPS Ally v2. This allows you to manage your rides and view your rides mapped which is powered by Google. This is also where you will be able to upload your rides to Strava once you sync your account.

The device locks into Lezyne's proprietary mount which secures kind of like a child lock cap on a medicine bottle. You push down and turn, which is very easy and helps assure me it won't fly away mid ride. I've taken the device on both road and technical MTB rides and have had no issues. I was extremely impressed on how many rides I was able to do before I had to recharge the Macro. In fact, it was only at 70% when I recharged it and that was after 5 rides. This allows me the confidence that I can be out all day and still have my whole ride tracked. All my rides can be seen in map view via the Ally GPS app which is powered by Google maps. I can view each ride in either terrain, satellite, or the usual road view. This feature actually made my boyfriend jealous as he likes to geek out on scouting out new trails nearby. It's really nice to be able to see your surroundings and easily track your ride if you wanted to do the same route next time. Something I feel is hard to do with Strava as the map isn't very detailed.

There are 3 screen options on the device I can view during my ride each displaying different features on each:

  • View 1: Speed and distance.
  • View 2: Time, Temperature, and elevation.
  • View 3: Lap time, Lap speed, Lap distance, lap cadence.

There is a 4th screen but it just the generic view with date, time, and battery life. If I get a text during my ride the message will pop up on my Macro screen. I can have all these features and still be able to listen to Spice Girls with out my phone dying before my ride ends! The device seems a bit big to the eye which I think has to do with height of it from back to front but really is quite small. It's not too big and not too small, I think that Goldilocks would dig it.

I am overall very happy with my purchase. You really can't beat having all those features for only $99!

The Path Bike Shop has the Macro GPS, the Micro GPS, and the Mini GPS currently in stock.

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