Race Report by Dan Blurton, member of The Path Bike Shop Race Team. Racing Photos: PB Creative

12 Hours of Temecula 2018 rider at The Path Bike Shop Race Team12 hrs of Temecula with SoCal Endurance - January 27th, 2018

My race weekend started out like always, with a late night rush to get all my gear and equipment ready the night before. Made and packed all my food and got my bike all prepped for a grueling race ahead. Off to bed I go! Next thing I know my early morning alarm goes off. I really start to second guess myself on this race, but I load all my stuff up and off we roll to Temecula. 

Once I arrive I get all signed up and decide to try my hand at the Open/Pro Class. Get my pit all set up and my food out and ready to go. I roll my bike over to Kenda to get some new rubber put on and like the awesome guys they are, Raul from The Path Bike Shop and Roger from Kenda Tires rush to get the tires set up on my bike.

Now it’s 5 min before the start, I roll to the start line, and my nerves start going wild! 5...4...3...2...1 and we are off for 12 hrs of fun! Race started good as I was riding with the lead pack. Next thing I know I start clicking off laps. I hit the half way point, nothing too crazy had happened in the first half so I am feeling good.

On to the second half which means it’s starting to get dark outside. So after I get geared up with my lights I head back out and I start to tame it down a bit and ride smart. My mind starts going to some weird places, and next thing I know I slide out in a corner and I go down! I shake it off and get going again. Still just trying to keep pedaling through the rest of the night. Again my mind goes into space, and next thing I know, boom into a bush! Once I regroup, I am able to stay up straight.

Now it’s the 11th hour, the final hour, and I am out for my last lap. I came into the finish with 15 laps completed, which in total was 123 miles with 12,848 ft of climbing. Needless to say I was done and able to walk away in 4th place!

I want to thank Tani and the Path Bike Shop for all they do for me!

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