*Tani - Owner, President, Bike Fit Tech
  • Areas of expertise:  I enjoy the challenge of translating my vision of a great bike shop to the day in and day out result. I also enjoy working on bikes, and servicing the needs of bike riders. As one of our bike fit technicians, I am extremely proud of the fit services we provide.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Santa Cruz Nomad 4 CC X01 Reserve with PUSH coil conversion, Santa Cruz Hightower CC X01 Reserve with DHX2 and PUSH coil conversion, Blackmarket Mob, Woodman Trials bike, Kona Paddy Wagon.
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Harding to Joplin, Laguna Beach, or anywhere with a lift.
  • Favorite kind of riding: Long trail rides, downhilling with friends, commuting, joy riding with the kids, trials, pump tracks.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Fathering my kids and romancing my wife, skateboarding, surfing, fishing, goofing off, working too much.
Brian - Manager, Buyer, Bike Fit Tech
  • Areas of expertise:  I'm the purchasing guy here at the shop.....but I'm also the person to go to for all things bikepacking and touring.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: BMC Trailfox is my go-to trail bike. Willits Monster for dirt roads and commuting.
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Local trails in the Santa Anas and San Bernardinos.
  • Favorite kind of riding: I love a good, all day trail ride in the mountains.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Trail run, walk the dogs, drink coffee, read books, go places and sleep outside.
Geoff - Manager, Service Writer
  • Areas of expertise:  Listening to issues and getting them resolved, partnering the right bike with the right rider, selling and fixing bikes, making awesome kale chips….
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Santa Cruz 5010, Santa Cruz Tallboy
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Santiago Oaks, Santa Ana Mountains, Laguna.
  • Favorite kind of riding: Long rides with friends and no time constraints, Snow Summit, and shop rides.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Yoga, making didgeridoos, drinking coffee, gardening, hiking with my dog, fishing, woodworking, camping.
staff member at The Path Bike Shop
Kim - Manager, Sales
  • Areas of expertise: Knowing the way of the shop.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Giant Liv Avail Advanced 2, Santa Cruz Nomad, Kona Big Kahuna
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: UTAH!
  • Favorite kind of riding: Enduro.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Spending time with family and eating.
*Mike - Manager, Service Tech, Service Writer
  • Areas of expertise: Management, Senior Tech, Service Writer
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Whatever I currently own! Santa Cruz 5010, Giant Trance Advanced, my trusty 15-year old road bike
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: OC Regional Parks, Santa Cruz trails, and a little bit of Big Bear
  • Favorite kind of riding: Fast flowing turns, clearing tricky technical steep stuff. Any ride that ends with a beer.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Finding amazing restaurants with my partner Anne, absorbing favorite TX and movies, wrenching overtime at the shop
Brandon, staff at The Path Bike Shop
Brandon O - Service Tech
  • Areas of expertise: Inspection, Problem Solving.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: I'm currently riding a Pivot Mach 429.
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Bend, OR. Locally: Holy Jim Trail.
  • Favorite kind of riding: all-mountain, trail, enduro
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Hang out with my Wife, Son and 2 weenie dogs. Float in the floatation tank. Yap about training and health.
Staff at The Path Bike Shop
Greg - Sales
  • Areas of expertise: Next level inventory transferring, Sprinter van parallel parking, sales, and cashiering.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Lenz Sport MilkMoney, Kona Raijin, BMC SpeedFox.
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: EARTH.
  • Favorite kind of riding: Endurance, cross country, and light trail riding.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Manipulating sound waves and cuddling with my cats.
Jesse - Sales, Service Tech
  • Areas of expertise: I'm above all enthusiastic and skilled in technical problem solving, especially when I get to play the part of a forensic bicycle detective. I love to make a bike ride as well as I demand of my own bike! Likewise, I am a bike-fit specialist who knows firsthand that the key to having a fun ride is when you're comfortable and confident in your equipment! Other areas I excel are in our extensive inventory. If we have it I'll probably know where it is due to being a tech, a salesperson, and an expediter. Seek and you shall find!
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Kona Process 153, Kona Process 111, Santa Cruz Nomad, Custom Giant Trance (see my custom build on the blog!)
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Don't ask me because I won't tell you!
  • Favorite kind of riding: Afternoon rides on loose, steep, and sketchy trails!
  • What I do when I'm not riding: I enjoy surfing, walking my dog, making gourmet meals and drinking liquids in amber bottles, and overthinking just about everything I want to do, am doing, and have or have-not done. To all the other neurotic cycling maniacs out there: cheers!
*Jon - Expediter
  • Areas of expertise: bike building, sales, cleaning bathrooms, wheelies, and wadding up really nice bikes
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: Santa Cruz Nomad 4 XO1, YT Capra, Transition Sentinel
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Laguna, Santiago Oaks, any bike park
  • Favorite kind of riding: Enduro bro..
  • What I do when I'm not riding: hiking, surfing (shaka brah), hanging with friends, and taking trash out at the shop! 
Raul - Service Writer, Service Tech Lead
  • Areas of expertise:  Being a mechanic is my specialty.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: My Intense SlopeStyle
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: Five Oaks and other trails in Aliso Woods, Oregon trails.
  • Favorite kind of riding: I like to do short climbs and long descents.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Playing music - I have an assortment of instruments!
Sanjay - Sales, Stock
  • Areas of expertise: Receiving and restocking the shop at a rapid pace.
  • Favorite bike(s) to ride: 2007 KTM 950 Super Enduro and a 2009 Honda Ruckus (Future Around The World Scoot)
  • Favorite place(s) to ride: The road from San Pedro de Atecama, Chile to Uyuni, Bolivia. Very desolate, beautiful views, customs building at 5500m, water crossings.
  • Favorite kind of riding: Desert moto racing.
  • What I do when I'm not riding: Wakesurfing, backpacking, planning the next trip.


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