by Tani Walling, Owner of The Path Bike Shop

2012 Santa Cruz Team V10Every once in a while, working at a bike shop leads to special opportunities and adventure.  This week, I got to visit the folks at Santa Cruz bikes in Santa Cruz, CA. I saw a lot of nice bikes, and I got some great ideas for our shop from the factory setup. I met some really cool folks, and had a lot of fun riding awesome single track through the forest with loam, berms, and jumps. This style of trail is rare here in Socal, and the beautiful tree cover is a welcome change.



Production area at Santa Cruz BicyclesTo top it off,  we were given the opportunity to ride the new Tallboy LTC. I spent some good time on this bike. I put my own bar and stem setup on it, and really got a good feel for it. I really like how The Tallboy LTC rides. It feels fast on the climbs, and it rips the gnar. We will also have them for sale in the shop in a few weeks. I will be seen on Socal trails on one of these within about a month - watch out Strava. 



2012 Santa Cruz Tallboy LTCOther highlights of the trip include talking to Cedric Gracia about this race season over drinks, seeing my friends Abby and Ariel, meeting a dude who calls himself Bamma who likes to rub elbows at speed on single track, and a tri tip dinner.

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