Peter Schumacher, member of The Path Bike Shop Race TeamRace report by Peter Schumacher, member of The Path Bike Shop Race Team. Photo: Called To Creation

I have decided to take on the 2016 BC Bike Race. For those of you who know the race and me as a person, you know how crazy an endeavor this is.

I’ll start with myself, I have been riding for 4 years now. I’m not the greatest rider, but I tend go full throttle on anything I do. Mountain Biking has provided me with a means to stay fit mentally and physically with a smile. The addiction to competition has also fueled my love of the sport. I have raced each year, starting with Beginner class then moved up to Sport class. I have not done amazingly well but have always had fun. This sport has also taken me out of my “OC Bubble”; I have traveled to Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia to ride. I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest instantly. My trips are what led me to the BC Bike Race. I was in Squamish and Whistler a few years ago during the time of the race, and I had the opportunity to ride parts of the course. They are the best trails I have ever ridden.

The BC Bike Race is a 7-day stage race billed as “The Ultimate Single Track Experience,” with 200 miles in seven days, 3-8,000 feet of climbing per day, and 90% single track terrain. The race starts on July 6, 2016 (it sold out in 4 days in July 2015 when registration first opened). I will be racing on a two-man team with a co-worker Roger Williams. He has a long history of riding and is an extreme person who never quits…the perfect teammate.

Since I feel that my riding is not yet ready for a race like this, I decided to get some help. With recommendations from others I’m using a training plan provided by a coach. She has every day planned out from December 1st, 2015 until race day. I will be riding 6 days a week, weight lifting, stretching and mobility exercises, and Yoga a few times a week. In the last 4 weeks I have put more hours on a bike then I ever have before. I even purchased a cyclocross bike from The Path Bike Shop to get more miles on the bike. I am using my road bike and a trainer at home and work in order to ride every day possible, rain or shine.

BC Bike Race logo with link to websiteAccomplishing a race like this is no small task, I am lucky to have a lot of supporters. My wife has allowed me to spend countless dollars on the race itself, new bikes, and on everything else I need. I also have a 1-year old son and spending time with him is always a priority.  I am a firefighter and have the support of my Captain and crew; this allows me to get time on my trainer at work when there are no calls. The Path Bike Shop is a huge support, helping me with everything I need when it comes to riding. They have a crazy amount of brand choices, amazing service, and just a friendly shop with good people. My buddy Lou manages The Path Bike Shop Race Team and has done an amazing job getting the team sponsors that allow us to compete.

I will be writing periodically before the race and my experience in the race itself. In the next blog entry I will detail my race bike I’m currently building up. Hint… there’s no such thing as too much turquoise!

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