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by Tani Walling, Owner of The Path Bike Shop

2012 Santa Cruz Team V10Every once in a while, working at a bike shop leads to special opportunities and adventure.  This week, I got to visit the folks at Santa Cruz bikes in Santa Cruz, CA. I saw a lot of nice bikes, and I got some great ideas for our shop from the factory setup. I met some really cool folks, and had a lot of fun riding awesome single track through the forest with loam, berms, and jumps. This style of trail is rare here in Socal, and the beautiful tree cover is a welcome change.



Production area at Santa Cruz BicyclesTo top it off,  we were given the opportunity to ride the new Tallboy LTC. I spent some good time on this bike. I put my own bar and stem setup on it, and really got a good feel for it. I really like how The Tallboy LTC rides. It feels fast on the climbs, and it rips the gnar. We will also have them for sale in the shop in a few weeks. I will be seen on Socal trails on one of these within about a month - watch out Strava. 



2012 Santa Cruz Tallboy LTCOther highlights of the trip include talking to Cedric Gracia about this race season over drinks, seeing my friends Abby and Ariel, meeting a dude who calls himself Bamma who likes to rub elbows at speed on single track, and a tri tip dinner.

The Path Bike Shop ride with Transition BikesLars Sternberg from Transition Bikes paid a visit to The Path Bike Shop this week. We're glad he could take a trip out our way! Of course we had to ride while he was here to show Lars some of our great local trails.
Lars took some great photos of the shop while he was here and posted them on his blog, check out his Transition Bikes blog post.

starting line at Enduro Stuff mountain bike raceTani (President of The Path Bike Shop) met with Ron from Enduro Stuff earlier this week. It looks like The Path Bike Shop and Enduro Stuff will be presenting even more awesome Orange County XC mountain bike races this year.

Between the Enduro Stuff races, the Warrior's Society events, and the Over the Hump MTB Race Series, Orange County is becoming a hot spot for XC mountain bike racing.

Last year was the start of great things to come in the newly opened world of XC mountain bike racing in Orange County. Last year's Okole Stuff Cup at Irvine Regional Park and the Enduro Stuff Challenge in San Juan Capistrano were huge successes, and just the start of a fantastic future that's now in the works.

Watch the Enduro Stuff Events page, The Path Bike Shop Upcoming Events page, and The Path Bike Shop blog for more info. Sign up for our email list for updates.

Project Rwanda coffee bikeThe Path Bike Shop is a proud sponsor of the Project Rwanda ride, and the gracious folks behind the scenes brought us one of the Project Rwanda Coffee Bikes to display here in our shop for the next two weeks! Come check it out before it moves on.

These bikes are custom designed by Tom Ritchey, owner of Ritchey Design and a director of Project Rwanda. These bikes are used as load-bearing cargo bikes in Rwanda. These bikes are capable of carrying 200+ pounds of coffee cherries, which otherwise would have to be carried on foot.

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